The Frontmen in Bahrain
Kris Allen “It’s Always You” feat. Donnie Reis at 89 North, Patchogue, NY 2014
“God Bless the USA with Lee Greenwood” – Lincoln Memorial Inaugural Concert
The Frontmen of Country–Lincoln Memorial Inaugural Concert at 45:08
Tim Rushlow and His Big Band, Live at the Freedom Ball
“Rosalee” – Caroline Glaser feat. Donnie Reis
“Money Tree” – Caroline Glaser feat. Donnie Reis
Erick Baker | Crazy feat. Donnie Reis
Erick Baker | Unbroken Promise feat. Donnie Reis
Erick Baker | O Holy Night | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Erick Baker | In Love with a Lie | Birmingham Mountain Radio
Erick Baker, Eddie Owen Presents… at the Red Clay Theater
Erick Baker at The Orchard – In Love With A Lie
Erick Baker at Rhythm & Brews in Chattanooga — Tennessee
Jolene- Ray Lamontagne Cover with Donnie Reis
Erick Baker & Donnie Reis “In Love With A Lie” live in Asheville, NC
Edwin McCain (feat. Donnie Reis) singing Shooting Star
BCM Office Jams – Erick Baker, Heaven Down A Dead End Road
Erick Baker singing Next to Me
Tennessee Uncharted, Episode 109
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