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plus merch from Donnie and Donnie’s studio, Twelve 3 South Recording, in Nashville, TN!

About the line…Donnie’s career has taken him from the orchestra, to the studio, and stage all over the world. He quickly realized he needed a utility violin that could be electrified without hampering the sound of the instrument like many designs on the market do.

Donnie partnered with master luthiers at a violin shop and manufacturer in New York to design a violin that met his needs for performing, both acoustically and electrically. He knew there was a need for instruments like this in the industry for students and other professionals as well, so The Donnie Reis Collection was born!

Most instruments in the line are built to perform acoustically and electrically with a built-in piezo pick-up. The uniqueness of this built-in design preserves the true sound of the instrument both acoustically and electrically, setting them apart from other conventional electric models on the market.

Donnie plays his instruments from the collection on tour and in the studio professionally, demonstrating their exceptional durability and sound quality.

Violins – Risk-Free Exchange/Return

Try and exchange or return any violin up to 30 days after delivery if not fully satisfied! Questions? Please contact us first so we can help you choose the best instrument for your needs.

Violin Buy-Back Program

If you’re ordering your child with a smaller violin, ask about our buy-back program when you’re ready to upgrade to the next size up as they grow. *Valid when upgrading sizes within The Donnie Reis Collection only.

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